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Become a riDance.com business sponsor for only $200.00 a year and get great discounts
& advertising on Rhode Island's largest source for dance information !

RiDance.com is a website that provides a central source for dance information in Rhode Island. One of the largest non-retail websites in the United States, RiDance.com has been a major benefit for the Rhode Island dance community since 1998.

Everyone wins! RiDance accepts sponsorships from businesses, organizations and individuals. If you would like to promote an event, or product (or yourself!), you are welcome to become a sponsor. You may promote your qualifying products, events and services through riDance.

BUSINESS sponsors pay $200.00 a year. Business sponsors are local stores, studios, teachers, performance venues, dance companies and art organizations. Your sponsorship supports the Rhode Island dance community while more people learn about your product or service. If you are a member of Dance Alliance of Rhode Island, your rate is $170.00.

CORPORATE sponsors pay $500.00 a year. Corporate sponsors are large organizations with annual revenue in excess of 2 million dollars. Your sponsorship supports the Rhode Island dance community while more people learn about your product or service.

INDIVIDUAL sponsors, who do not wish to advertise on riDance, but would like to support the arts and take advantage of discounts, are welcome to become a contributing member for an annual donation of $50.00.

Note: RiDance does not have 501C nonprofit status and reserves the right to decline a sponsorship or advertising deemed inappropriate. See below for sponsorship rates and mailing information.


As a sponsor, your business or name will be prominently featured on riDance's front page and linked to your website or your riDance information.

Sponsorships include 3 months (90 days) worth of advertising on riDance's front page (or any page of their choice). See below for more details. You do NOT need to be a sponsor to advertise on riDance. For more information about the advertising program , please call 401-295-7025 or email dn@ridance.com.

RiDance.com is readily found through Google and other search engines, and receives over 250,000 hits a month. This means you and your product, school, or event, can be easily found by potential clients through our site. You can also refer people to riDance.com secure in the knowledge that it will have timely information on Rhode Island events, products, and services.

RiDance seeks to promote the arts and supporting businesses. RiDance would be delighted to promote your dance, movement or art product, service or location on our pages. Ads for everything from shoes to museum exhibits are welcome. Call 401-295-7025, we will be happy to work with you or answer any questions.
    RiDance will not knowingly accept:
  • misleading advertising
  • ads with an adult theme
  • ads with a discriminatory theme directed at any group or organization.

- An "organization link" will be placed on the front page (left sidebar) of riDance. Links will take visitors to your information or advertisement. Note: RiDance does not use pop-up ads.

- An "organization link" will be placed in either a Sponsor Box or Featured Box on a page related to your organization. The boxes appear either at the top on near top on a sidebar. For instance if you have a dance studio in Smithfield, your studio would appear in the sponsor box at the top of the page.

- Three months of front page banner advertising. You may use your three months of front page banner advertising all at once, or in blocks as small as one week. All advertizing must be submitted at least one week prior to posting. Placement times can also be stipulated in advance and changed with one week notice.

- Banners are generally presented under the RiDance logo on the front page, but you may opt to have your advertising run at the top of another page. (For instance if you were teaching Irish dance, you might prefer to advertise on the Irish dance page). The sponsorship banner program is good only for rotating banners. Stationary banners are not part of the program, but can be purchased for an additional amount. Email riDance or call 401-295-7025 for more details.

- Advertiser may submit the ad by email or postal mail. The ad must be complete (include all photographs, graphics, copy, location, dates, times, etc as well as contact information.) Ad sizes can vary but usually are no larger than 2 1/2 to 6 inches wide by 1 1/4 to 2 inches high. Size is determined by content and location.

- Graphics must be submitted as .jpg, .psd, .png, .pdf or .tif files. Files should have a resolution of at least 200 bpi, and all graphics should be good quality. You may also mail in graphics (8x11 max. size (prefer actual size) which we will transfer for you). Please be aware that photographs do not always display as well on the Internet as they do in your computer. The better the photograph, the better the result.

If you would like a banner to run on riDance, the dimensions are 7 6/8inches wide by 15/16inches high (720 pixels wide by 90 pixels high). The image must be sent as a jpg, bmp, psd or pdf file. You can submit your own banner or RiDance can create a banner for sponsors at an additional charge. Pub and doc files are NOT acceptable. If you are submitting a banner, please email riDance or call 401-295-7025 for more details.

You will need to provide text/logos/graphics/photographs meeting riDance's graphics requirements (see immediately above) and be willing to discuss the ad on the phone or in person with riDance's copy-editor. The non-sponsorship fee for banner design is $50.00. RiDance sponsors receive a 20% discount.

Non-sponsor rate for copy is $30.00 per ad. The sponsor discount is 20%. You will need to provide us with complete information and be willing to discuss the ad on the phone with riDance's copy-editor.

Once you have used up your 3 months of complimentary advertising time, or if you wish to do more ads, you are eligible for the 20% sponsor discount rate.

$500.00 - corporate sponsorship
$200.00 - business sponsorship
$170.00 - business sponsorship discount rate for Dance Alliance RI members
$50.00 - individual sponsorship/no listing no advertisement discount

Submit your name, organization, full address, phone number, email(if any) and a brief description of your business and mail with a check (Make check payable to Deborah Nash).
C/O Deborah Nash
40 Mill Pond Road
Exeter RI 02822

If you have any questions, please call 401-295-7025 or email dn@ridance.com.

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