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Motion Center of Providence
271 South Main Street
Providence, RI, 02903
Phone 401-621-7249
Information: 401.338.5466
Email: kaeli@motion-center.com
Website: http://www.motion-center.com
Starts September 7, 2006
7:30-9pm African Dance; all levels
African Dance - Drawing from the dances of Senegal, Guinea and Mali, these highly aerobic classes introduce students to the basic vocabulary and history of West African Dance. Appropriate for all levels - BEGINNERS WELCOME!!!
Starts September 9, 2006
4:30-6pm Sabar Dance of Senegal; (call for start date); all levels
Sabar Senegalese Dance - Traditional Senegalese African dance of the Wolof Tribe with a live drum ensemble. Highly energetic and playful African Dance classes taught by memebers of the Doudou N'diaye Rose family. All levels welcome.
(posted 10Oct05/updated 20Aug06)

Seydou Coulibaly
Afrrican Dance and Drum (Mali)
The Brown Hillel Foundation
80 Brown Street
Providence, RI 02906
Information: 401.863.2805
Website: http://www.wadabo.com/_wsn/nonBOS.htm (schedule)
Website: http://hometown.aol.com/kdjosse/Seydou.html (performance)
Seydou Coulibaly was born, raised, and taught dance in Mali.


ongoing classes

11am - 12pm djembe (drum) class taught by master drummer, Issa Coulibali $7.00 per class
12pm - 130pm Dance class taught by master dancer and choreographet, Seydou Coulibali
$10.00 per class (with Brown or RISD I.D. $7.00)

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Abigail Ifatola Jefferson is a storyteller, dancer and arts educator performs and conducts workshops throughout New England. Through a unique blend of story, song, and dance, Abigail brings to life stories from around the globe. Her performance presentations are highly interactive, educational and fun-filled. Audiences of all ages have described her performances and workshops as inspiring, informative, and energizing. Abigail has conducted workshops and performed in schools, churches, prisons, shelters, theatres, festivals, and libraries. Currently, she is co-director of Celebration of Culture, a program designed to increase students' and educators' appreciation of diversity.
PHONE: 401-783-4982

Master Djembe Artist Moussa Traore
Phone: 617-970-5587
Email: moussatraore@hotmail.com
Website: http://talkingdrumrecords.com
Moussa Traore offers traditional drum classes in Providence and Boston. Workshops, private class, performance, or lecture/demos can be arranged. Learn the rhythms and traditions from Mali, West Africa from this esteemed and accomplished jembefola. Although he is of Bambara descent, Moussa performs the rhythms of a number of Mali's ethnic groups including: the Bambara (Bamana), Malinke (Maninka), Dogon, Maraka (Soninke), Bobo, Bozo, Minianka, Sorghai, Peul and Khasonke. Among musicians in Bamako, Moussa is considered to be one of the top jembe players in the country. But you can of course judge with your own ears once you hear him play. Updated Jan27 2004

Annie Geissinger leads drumming and expressive therapy workshops and classes for children and adults at schools, conferences and retreat centers throughout New England. She has studied with West African drumming masters in the United States since 1988, and has traveled to Senegal and Mali for further study. Currently Artist in Residence at the Episcopal Cathedral of St John in Providence, she performs with Brown University's New Works/World Traditions troupe and with the Rhode Island Feminist Chorus. Annie is a licensed mental health clinician and holds a masters degree in Expressive Arts Therapies. She has been an adjunct professor at Salve Regina University's graduate holistic counseling program in Newport. Contacts are email anniegeissinger@earthlink.net and phone 401-274-2765.

Dana Maguire
Phone: 401-864-1046 cell
Phone: 401-828-9446
Email: dr_rhythm00@yahoo.com
The drum is my vehicle and my motto is "If you have a heart, you have rhythm." Most of my playing and study has been centered around West African and some Afro-Caribbean. I have played in rock bands as well. I encourage people to explore drumming and rhythm as a way to enjoy and enrich their lives. The bulk of my work has been using drums with at-risk youth in all manner of treatment facilities, group homes and shelters. I have literally worked with people from ages 3 to 103. Society benefits tremendously when we nurture the artist in all of us.

Dana is well known for his Rhythm Kitchen Experiential Learning Program which provides a musical education in the form of a fun evening of community drumming. Members use rhythms from the African diaspora as the foundation to explore the universal languages of rhythm and dance. In addition to drumming and teaching in Rhode Island and New England, in May & June of 2004, he will be working with a contingent of children from all over the world drumming at the Rock in Rio Festival to be held in Lisbon, Portugal. This will be the second time he has been tapped to participate in Rock in Rio (http://rockinrio-lisboa.sapo.pt) by Childreach/plan international, an amazing company, operating in 60 countries and dedicated to improving the lives of children by building community.

Sales & Repair

Drums For Sale!!!
Rhythm Kitchen Offers Authentic Hand Carved African Djembe Drums
These are high quality drums, not tourist fare. Our drums are crafted in Guinea, West Africa from hardwoods such as akajou, lenke and khari which are considered to be the best for drums. The color and grain in the wood is a thing of beauty. Some shells have intricate carvings as well. Each drum is one of a kind. We have full sized djembes that range from 12"-14" in diameter across the playing surface by 24"-26" tall. We also have wonderful smaller djembes measuring 9"-10.5" in diameter by 20"-22" tall. These are made with the same materials and care as the larger drums. These drums are great for children and for traveling. They easily fit in overhead compartments. I have played with a nine piece band with one of the small drums and had no problem being heard.
We also repair and tune drums such as djembes, congas, ashiko and djundjuns.
Contact: Dana Maguire at dr_rhythm00@yahoo.com

None at this time
Celebrating the Performance, Ritual and Healing Arts of the Diaspora
February 6 thru 8, 2004

Ashamu Dance Studio
Catherine Bryan Dill Center for the Performing Arts
Providence Rhode Island
3 Nights of Celebration and Performances
2 Days of Workshops
Yeredon, Africanist Weekend Biennale Festival is coming to the Brown University campus February 6th, 7th and 8th. Educators, world-class musicians, dancers, actors, storytellers and ritualists are collaborating to create a weekend of ceremony, performance, and workshops. See the gigantic schedule at Africanist Weekend. .

Michele Bach-Coulibaly and her husband Seydou Coulibaly host yearly cultural trips to Mali (in August) to study drumming, dance, and Mande culture. For more information email KDjosse@aol.com.

Djembe African Drums
A web site dedicated to the Djembe African Drums including its history and the culture that produced it. A very nice section on different kinds of african drums with illustrations and descriptions.

West African Dance In Boston
West African Dance In Boston including events, performances, classes and workshops

African American Contributions To Theatrical Dance
Compiled from 'Image of Perfection' The Freestyle Dance of Matt Mattox by Bob Boross

Free To Dance
A massive website based on and expanded from the PBS documentary by the same name which showed the influence of black dancers and african dance on the development of modern dance in the United States. The Website includes a detailed dance timeline, biographies of important early modern dancers, the sociological & historical influences on dance (both for black people and European whites) in the United States, extensive links and much more.

Deborah Nash at dn@riDance.com
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