Herb Weiss*
Pawtucket Arts Festival
C/O Pawtucket Planning & Redevelopment Agency
175 Main Street
Third Floor
Pawtucket, RI 02860
Phone: 401-724-5200
Fax: 401-726-6237
For General Info on Events please call 800-454-2882
For TTY use RIRelay 800-682-8786
Deadline: March 1, 2005 (Please note the deadline has been changed from May )
The Pawtucket Arts Festival (PAF) Executive Committee seeks proposals from artists, dancers and musicians interested in participating in their 2005 Arts Festival, which will be held from September 9-25, 2005, at the Visitor Center, the State Pier, the Pawtucket Armory and at Slater Memorial Park. The deadline to receive submitted proposals is March 1, 2005.

PAF's Program Committee is seeking proposals for all artistic media, including poetry, sculpture, dance, music (classical, rock, folk, blues, salsa, reggae, jazz, etc.), theatre, and film. Proposals for education workshops (glass, wood, ceramics, stone, polymer, fiber, painting and photography) will be also considered.

Proposals will be reviewed and juried by the PAF Program Committee until all mediums are filled. The proposals will be discussed and reviewed for scope of work and funding requested. Specifics must include: cost, scope of work, time-frame, installation requirements, stage requirements, sound and lighting requested and finally, equipment needed.

For more information call Diane Agostini, Pawtucket Arts Festival Coordinator at 401-724-5200. Send proposals by March 1, 2005, to Diane Agostini, c/o Pawtucket Arts Festival, 175 Main Street, Pawtucket, RI 02860.

The Pawtucket Arts Festival is an annual event that takes place each year for three weeks in September. It usually has more dance (often international) and performance art than Providence's Convergence, but its still not a whole lot (perhaps because dance companies haven't applied?). In 2003, the festival featured Providence Tango In other years Fusionworks, Everett Dance Theatre and Chinese folk dancing have performed.

* In October 2003, the Providence Phoenix named Herb Weiss one of Rhode Island's most influential people in the Arts. Read the article and interview at THE PROVIDENCE PHOENIX.
The City of Pawtucket, recognizing the importance of art and artists, has been very proactive in creating an artist friendly environment. In 1998, the Rhode Island General assembly passed a law establishing an Arts and Entertainment District in an area of Pawtucket that encompasses the downtown and mill areas (approximately 307 acres). With 307 acres devoted to the arts, Pawtucket is now RI's largest arts destination. They have been busy changing from a crusty run down city to a wildly creative blend of blue collar and arts.

Designated as a model development project, the State and City provide significant tax incentives to artists selling original art, who live and work within the district, and to art galleries that are established within the district boundaries.

Since January 1, 1999, state sales tax exemptions can be obtained for artwork sold within the arts and entertainment district for 'one-of-a-kind' or limited production works of art. The law also exempts artists living and working within the newly created district from state income tax on the income generated from their creative work as an artist, writer, dancer, composer/performer, sculptor, painter, photographer, actor, etc.

Thanks to the abundance of beautiful old mill buildings, Pawtucket is awash in economical studio space. The city is now working hard to provide low cost studio/living spaces (both rental and purchase properties) for artists.

Pawtucket Arts Article
The February 17, 2005 Providence Phoenix included an in-depth article on Pawtucket's push to become an arts enclave, of interest to dancers because of the large number of low cost high ceilinged wood floored mill space.
Information for artists especially if you are living in or interested in re-locating to Pawtucket. There is all kinds of useful stuff including locations (by address & map) and contacts for studio and living spaces.

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