115 Empire Street
Providence, RI 02903
Office Phone: 401-831-9327
Office Fax: 401-454-7445
Artistic Director: Umberto Crenca
THE STAGE: The stage is approximately 25' wide, 10' deep, with a 12-14' bump out at the center.
BOOKING INFORMATION: The stage is usually booked up at least two months in advance. For more on AS220's booking procedure, please visit their Booking page (this will take you off riDance).

AS220 was founded in 1985 by a small group of artists who shared a commitment to establish a forum for the arts where artists could freely exhibit, present or perform their original works outside of the limited (and expensive) facilities available. Since then, AS220 has renovated a 22,000 square foot building in downtown Providence, and received national attention from arts administrators, politicians and artists as an invaluable resource for Rhode Island's artists and public alike.
AS220 exists to provide an open and permanent venue for artists. Their galleries and stage are completely unjuried; any Rhode Island artist can exhibit or perform here. There is an ever-changing host of programs that provide artists with a context and community for their work. Additionally, modestly-priced residential studios are available for artists who want to live in Providence but normally would not be able to afford it. Learn more about housing at
1st Sunday of the month
11am - 5pm

Deadline: Two weeks prior, but check with Natalia as soon as you have a date in mind.
Contact: Natalia at 831-9327 or
The Bizarre Bazaar was created with the intention of providing a venue for artisans who do not have the comforts of a retail outlet. AS220 is looking for artists who do not have retail support to set up tables and sell original work. They would also like to hear from performers who might like to take part as well. Let's make the Bazaar truly Bizarre!

A brief message from riDance
Performers (that means all performance dancers), if you have not gotten your collective feet in AS220's door, you have not taken advantage of all that RI has to offer artists. AS220 is a hot bed of passionate & industrious creativity. There's no money (yet) to be made at the Bizarre Bazaar, but there is networking and tapping into the incredible mind-blowing energy and, by your presence, nudging AS220 to a more dance-oriented atmosphere. AS220 is waiting for you with almost open arms. Dance something weird and new. Show them what dance can do!

Guidelines for retail:
(Not germane to performance, but just in case some of you have dance wares to sell)
- Original work only. Please ask if this is not clear.

- You must register in advance in order to have a table and sell goods.
There is a $10 fee per vendor to reserve a space.
No refunds and no transferring of funds to future months.

- Due to space limitations, we may have to decline your request for a table in order to ensure opportunities and equal representation for other artists. We may also rotate you from month to month between the cafe and the upstairs gallery.

- The show runs from 11am - 5pm. You are expected to set up your table at 10am and stay until 5pm. These times are very important. Do not be late for set up and do not clean up before 5pm.

- You are encouraged to bring your own table although some tables will be made available if you let Natalia know in advance. Try to think creatively about your display. Save table space any way you can!

- The cafe is rather dark. Please bring lighting for your display.

-AS220 cannot be held responsible for any damage to your work by customers.

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