Moveable Feet


Do you keep getting blown away
when you try to take lessons?

Slow and easy instruction with
lots of individual attention.

If you can put in some practice time,
you may surprise yourself
with what you can learn!

Classes in:
Ballroom, Swing, Latin
& Wedding Preparation

Exeter - private lessons - by appt. Call 401-295-7025

East Greenwich - Groups - Friday eve. 7:30

Deb Nash Scholarship Fund info

About the Teacher

Exeter Private Lessons

Moveable Feet
Exeter RI
Information: 401-295-7025

Private classes are available everyday of the week. Call for times
* Private lessons in swing, foxtrot, waltz, rumba, cha cha, salsa, mambo, salsa, tango and slow dance are available for $60.00 an hour per person/couple, $65.00 for 2 couples.
* Private Package Rates good for one person or a couple - 5 private classes $250.00 ($50/hr you save $50.00)
* Semi private package - Two couples - 5 private classes $300.00 (You save even more!)

Gift Certificates make a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, engagement parties, Valentine's Day or Christmas! Give group classes or privates or both. Call 295-7025 for more information.

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East Greenwich Group Lessons

Renegade Fitness
5600 Post Rd.
East Greenwich RI
Information: 401-295-7025
or OSHF 401-886-4700

Instructor: David Dougher

Group Classes

Fridays, 2017 7:30-8:30pm
Introductory ballroom classes on a variety of dances.

Introductory classes are held each week - single and couple walk-ins welcome!

This is both an introductory class and review class for people with a dance background.
A variety of dances are taught with an emphasis on the inter-relatedness of dance steps.
Please call 295-7025 prior to attending. No prior dance experience required.
You do not need to be a member of Ocean State Health and Fitness to take this class... but you would benefit from it if you did!

Single class rates
$8.00 per person
$10.00 per couple for 1 hour class

Please bring comfortable well fitting clean-soled shoes or smooth sneakers (not worn in from outside) or dance shoes to protect the dance floor. Do not wear sandals, clogs or work boots. Try to avoid shoes which would normally stick on a hardwood floor or that would easily slide off your heel.

Note: Private lessons are typically Sun-Fri. on a flexible schedule in my home with an appt.

Private classes are available -- mornings, afternoons and early evenings on a first come basis.
* Private lessons in swing, foxtrot, hustle, waltz, rumba, cha cha, and tango are available for $65.00 an hour per person/couple/2 couples.
* Private Package Rates good for one person or a couple - 5 private classes $250.00 (you save $75.00)
* Semi private package - Two couples - 5 private classes $280.00
* Good student rate - private lesson rate permanently drops to $50.00/hr with your 6th class!

Special Notice!
You can use the Sign Up link below to be notified of class cancellations! Fill out the short form and if class is cancelled you will get an email notification or phone call if class is cancelled for any reason.
You can also opt-out of the notification process easily. There's an opt-out link that comes with every email from the list. Click on it to be removed from the list.
Class Cancellation Notification Form

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Deb Nash Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Deborah Nash Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by Dance Alliance in 2014 to give deserving dance students a chance at developing their dream. Set up in my wife’s name, the fund gives money to students and artists who wish to pursue a career in dance.

Donations can be made in any amount to…

Deb Nash Memorial Scholarship Fund
c/o Dance Alliance
P.O. Box 372
East Greenwich, RI

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About the Teacher

David Dougher has been teaching ballroom throughout Rhode Island for the last twenty years.
He started ballroom dancing at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Cranston and went on to start his own dance studio, Paris Academy, with Nelia Lawton in Taunton Massachusetts.

In 1998, he assisted his wife Deborah Nash in creating riDance.com (http://www.riDance.com), a dance website for the entire RI dance community - teachers, students, audiences & performers in all dance forms.

Currently he teaches ballroom and swing in East Greenwich and Exeter. He believes (as his wife did) that adults should dance for happiness, health, and sanity.

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