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28 January 1823

Exhibition and Ball
F.C. Schaffer

Solicits the attendance of his friends and the publick at the Exhibition and Ball that will take place on Thursday evening, February 6th at Mr.Aldrich's Hall, where his pupils will display a great variety of Dancing, viz: Minuets, Cotillions, Alamands, Ballets, Gavots, Congos, Hornpipes, Cerceans, Garland and Fancy Dances.Exhibition to commence at quarter past six o'clock and the Ball at nine. Tickets to be had at Mr.W.C.Manchester's and at F.C. Schaffer's Dancing Academy.
28 March 1823

F.C. Schaffer

Returns his sincere thanks to his friends and the publick for the liberal patronage he has experienced of late, in the line of his profession, and respectfully begs a continuance of their favours, as they may rest assured that no pains will be spared in bringing his pupils in the polite and moral acomplishment of Dancing. Mr.Schaffer's Academy is now open, and will continue so through the ensuing spring and summer, for the reception of Masters and Misses, at any time that may best suit their convenience. For further particulars, please to call at the Academy in Weybosset-Street.
06 May 1823

Dancing Academy
Removed to Weybosset Hotel

Mr. Schaffer's Academy is now open, and will continue so through the ensuing summer for the reception of Masters and Misses at any time that may best suit their convenience. For further particulars, please to call at the Academy. Private lessons given to pupils at the Academy, or at their houses.
From the top announceent, it looks like Mr.Schaffer has purchased a house from Mr.Aldrich (who owned the Hall where the dance classes were held? - same building?) and is now running a restaurant and hotel (men only) as well as teaching dance. Starting on 16 May, the advertisement reads "Washington Hotel" instead of "Weybosset".
28 March 1823

Young Ladies Academy

N.B. - Musick, dancing, and the languages, extra expenses.
Miss Balch advertises for pupils for her seminary. The visual arts are included in the price but music and dance cost extra.
03 January 1823

French Language
Dancing Academy
Mr. Bossieux

Penetrated with a sense of gratitude to the families by whom he has been patronized, and sensible of the compliments he has already received, on his new mode and manner of instructing, which is very important for young people to learn, respectfully states, that he will do all in his power to develope this art, in all its parts, and to satisfy the desires of the parents, and the wishes of his pupils.
Those who wish to send pupils or acquire themselves some perfection in this branch of education, are invited to visit his School on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and judge for themselves.
His efforts to deserve a continuance of the encouragment he has already met with will be unremitted; and he flatters himself that the references he can give will insure him an increase of publick patronage. Pupils will be admitted at any time.
At the request of several gentlemen, Mr.B. has begun to teach the French Language - which language is becoming universal, and is very useful for youth. Those who desire to study it at their houses will be waited on there with pleasure by Mr.B. Apply at Blake's Hotel.
25 March 1823

To The Publick
Mr. Bossieux

Respectfully gives notice, that he has taken a part of the house next south of the Branch Bank, In Main-Street, where he intends to teach a class the French Language. Those who wish for private lessons can have them at his residence or at their houses.
And he has the honour to advise those, who feel disposed to send children to his Dancing School, that his Spring Quarter will commence on Wednesday the 19th instant, at Mr.Blake's Hotel. Though he will receive pupils at any time through the season, he believes that it is better for the progress of pupils to commence together. (Apparently, the problem of dance students arriving in the middle of a semester thereby slowing down the other students while hindering themselves is centuries old.)
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